We (my wife and I) booked an all-inclusive eclipse tour through Ring of Fire Expeditions under Direct travel (https://www.eclipsetours.com/ ). We used them mainly because they mainly because we could book 2 years in advance and because they seemed to have experience with this type of tour

We were booked into the Dreams Resort Estrella del Mar resort. It is a newly constructed resort right on the beach at Mazatlan.  Our group was the very first to occupy the hotel.

A site was provided for eclipse viewing along the beach, beside the resort’s golf course.  All photos were taken from this location.  I used my Canon 6D with a 100mm lens. Exposures were bracketed 1/60, 1/160, and 1/400.

A solar filter was used until the beginning of totality, obtained from Thousand Oaks Optical (https://thousandoaksoptical.com/ ).  Unfortunately, I left the filter on at totality initiation, and got a blank shot instead of the diamond ring effect.  I did get the diamond ring (Bailey’s Beads) at the end of totality.  There were high clouds which may have obscured some images.