Hike Stats:

Length: 3.76 mi
Elevation gain: 846 ft
Moving time: 2:00
Time at peak: 21:13 UTC
Barometric pressure at peak: 762mb

SOTA Contacts:

Time Callsign Band Mode Notes
21:08 KN6CQX 144MHz FM  
21:10 NT6E 144MHz FM 42
21:13 K6QCB 144MHz FM 59
21:15 N6KZN 144MHz FM 43

Hike Notes:

This would be an easy hike if the peak was not at 8109 feet above sea level.

The trailhead is on Polique Canyon Road, where it crosses the Pacific Crest Trail:

BTW. the trailhead for Delamar peak is right across Polique.  This is a possible two-in-one activation.

You will head up Bertha Peak Road, the unpaved service road, crossing the PCT several times.  When you get to this point, go left:

When you are almost at the peak, make a sharp right:

Obey the line of stones.

You can’t miss the peak itself – just look for the radio towers:

If you are working two meters, be sure to use a bandpass filter.

On the way back, take the service road, but make sure to take a right where the trail branches off.  It is very easy to miss this and go the wron way:

There is a trail to the right of the tree. If you forget and keep going on the service road, you will end up on Polique but your car will be an inconvenient hike uphill.

for a VHF activation, check local Big Bear repeaters and get out the word about your activation.  The locals are very ham-active and will be happy to chase.  It can be difficult to reach chasers in the greater LA area from this peak.

Notes & References:

YouTube video of hike to Bertha Peak