Hike Stats:

Length: 6.67 mi
Elevation gain: 1398 ft
Moving time: 3:58
Time at peak: 21:45  UTC
Barometric pressure at peak: 909 mb

SOTA Contacts:

Date:05/12/2022 | Summit:W6/CC-056 (Sandstone Peak) | Call Used:KF6FLJ | Points: 2 | Bonus: 0 |

Time Callsign Band Mode Notes
21:45 KM6CEM 144MHz FM 59
21:46 WA6WV 144MHz FM 57
21:46 NT6E 144MHz FM 59
21:55 KI6SLA 144MHz FM 59

Hike Notes:

The trailhead.  Remember there are two possible parking lots to start the hike.  Don’t forget this coming back – you may end up in the wrong parking lot.

You will cross a creek as you head along Mishe Mokwa trail.  It is a beautiful riparian environment, with lush greenery you don’t typically see in this part of the Santa Monica Mountains.  This is right past split rock.  There is a picnic area here.

heading out along Mishe Mokwa.  Be careful – there is poison oak here.

As you climb up towards Sandstone Peak, you may see this high point. This is NOT Sandstone Peak.  Sandstone Peak is maybe 50 feet to the east.  It has a stone marker on it giving the peak the name Mt. Allen.  The portrait of Mr. Allen is included in the marker.  The final scramble to the peak requires hiking up loose rock.  Downwards is a challenge.