Hike Stats:

Length: 6.57 mi
Elevation gain: 1490 ft
Moving time: 3:59
Time at peak: 20:11  UTC
Barometric pressure at peak: 821 mb

SOTA Contacts:

Date:19/02/2023 | Summit:W6/CT-089 (Mount Lawlor) | Call Used:KF6FLJ | Points: 6 | Bonus: 0 |

Time Callsign Band Mode Notes
20:17 WA6WV 144MHz FM Torrance
20:18 KI6SLA 144MHz FM  
20:18 NG6R 144MHz FM 55 Palos Verdes
20:19 KB9ENS 144MHz FM 55 Gardena
20:19 W9SSN 144MHz FM 55 Pt Loma (San Diego)
20:22 N6ARA 144MHz FM 59
20:23 W6NOB 144MHz FM Hollywood, E of Paramount Studios
20:28 W6XYZ 144MHz FM 59 NoHo

Hike Notes:

I did an up-and-back, taking the rear trail rather than the fire break.  A longer but more steady route, well worth it.  Parked at Red Box, and took the Strawberry Peak trail to start.  There are a few (3 or 4) areas with granite boulders along the trail towards the peak.  These slowed me down.  I had to be careful to keep my eye on the trail ahead.

ere iers

Here is my trusty Kenwood TH-D72 on the peak.

And here is the view from the peak, facing north.