Hike Stats:

Length: 2.31 mi
Elevation gain: 427 ft
Moving time: 2:13
Time at peak: 19:28 UTC
Barometric pressure at peak: 828 mb

SOTA Contacts:

Time Callsign Band Mode Notes
19:37 KI6SLA 144MHz FM  
19:37 N6HEG 144MHz FM 59
19:37 WA6WV 144MHz FM 59
19:38 KM6UHU 144MHz FM  
19:39 KM6RNJ 144MHz FM 59
19:40 KI6PMD 144MHz FM 59
19:42 KN6DMO 144MHz FM 59
19:42 K6MAA 144MHz FM 59
19:42 NT6E 144MHz FM 59
19:43 KN6UIB 144MHz FM 59
19:44 KN6REL 144MHz FM 55
19:44 K6GP 144MHz FM 57 from Norco
19:45 W6RWS 144MHz FM 59

Hike Notes:

Important!  If you are working VHF from this peak, you MUST use a bandpass filter.  You are very close to Mount Wilson and right by the transmitting antenna for KCBS-TV.

The trail head is on Mount Wilson Road, which branches off Angeles Crest Highway at Red Box.  The trail head is unmarked and difficult to find. I use “Navigation” on the Alltrails app to pinpoint it.  A mile marker “406” is across the street:

If you look closely behind those shrubs, you will see a trail head.

The trail is not well groomed.  This is one of those rare places not touched by fire, so there are piles of dead leaves over the trail.  It is easy to slip and stumble.  You can also find yourself off trail.  Parts of the trail are steep and rocky:

About a third of the way up is a helipad:

Maybe the last 1/4 mile before the peak, the trail vanishes.  No problem it is easy to see the destination: