Hike Stats:

Length: 6.89 mi
Elevation gain: 1,726 ft
Moving time: 4:09
Time at peak: 18:42 UTC
Barometric pressure at peak: 732 mb

SOTA Contacts:

Time Callsign Band Mode Notes
18:45 KI6SLA 144MHz FM 59
18:45 W6MSN 144MHz FM 53
18:49 KN6SJR 144MHz FM  
18:52 N6PUD 144MHz FM 59 from Lake Elsinore
18:56 NT6E 144MHz FM 59
18:57 WA6WV 144MHz FM 59
18:58 KN6DMO 144MHz FM  

Hike Notes:

I made two changes to the standard up-and-back hike.  First, I went down the back side of Throop Peak “Just Because”.  I then made a side trip up the Pacific Crest Trail towards Mount Burnham, as preparation for a later hike to Mount Baden Powell along this route.  If you just do the straight up-and-back for Throop Peak, your time and mileage will be proportionally reduced.

The trailhead is right off Angeles Crest Highway, with an unmistakable facility across the street

Turn left after 0.3 miles.  Turn left again after 1.9 miles, right by this sign:

After a short hike up a manzanita covered hill, you will be at the top: