Hike Stats:

Length: 7.65 mi
Elevation gain: 1,358 ft
Moving time: 3:06
Time at peak: 18:28 UTC
Barometric pressure at peak: 824 mb

SOTA Contacts:

Time Callsign Band Mode Notes
18:31 NT6E 144MHz FM  
18:31 KM6UHU 144MHz FM 55
18:33 KN6CQX 144MHz FM 59, mobile in Upland
18:34 N6HEG 144MHz FM 59 LAX
18:34 KI6SLA 144MHz FM 59
18:35 N6XZN 144MHz FM 59 Fontana
18:36 K6QCB 144MHz FM 59 Rancho Cucamonga
18:36 WA6WV 144MHz FM 59 Torrance

Hike Notes:

This hike is a good introduction to the more challenging peaks in the Mount Baldy area.  Go up Mount Baldy Road, then make a hairpin left at Glendora Ridge Road.  Make sure you do not park in the upper lot – the one with signs saying “no parking”. Park along the road as shown here.

The trailhead is not hard to find:

Take the fire road all the way up.  Make a sharp right at the 2.5 mile point:

Keep right along the fire road at 3.2 miles, unless you feel very energetic and want to take the steep hiking trail.

You will be at the peak soon

Notes & References:

W6PNG has good hike notes for this peak: https://nomadic.blog/2016/02/09/sunset-peak-w6ct-022/

The metal sheeting is the remnant of a fire lookout, decommissioned in 1974.  The story is in https://californialookouts.weebly.com/sunset-peak.html/